design for good

How to do good with design, a master teamwork,
strategic design study, 2020-2021

problem and goals

"There are professions that do more damage than design, but there are not many." 

Victor Papanek

How can designers use their skills in a meaningful way and fulfil their responsibility towards society and the environment? This question was at the heart of the Design for Good project. Main problems identified: Many charities, do not know that designers can be helpful. Designers do not know where and how to help. The goal was to change this.

target groups


In interviews, we were able to determine three personas of designers, which differ mainly in their professional experience and values. The Wannabe Hero – the design student – Baby Professional and the experienced Mentor on Schedule

Non profit organisations

Organisations such as NABU and the local food bank were also interviewed. Their project and work processes were analysed as well as their value and needs to find out where and how designers can support. 


The overall concept that our team has developed is a platform that educates non-profit organisations who already run several charitable projects about what design can do for them. Once they are convinced, they can connect with designers on the platform and do good together. For the designers, this offers the opportunity to leran and take experiences and values back to their own jobs. 

matching concept

In order to bring designers and charity projects together in the best way possible Katja and I developed a question tool. It asks designers about their skills and non profits about their project content. Both the capabilities and the requirements of the project were assigned to the phases of a design process. If the required design phases and the designer's skills match, they can connect each other. 

question tool

non-profit's login

Peak into the login process for ngos. 

designer's login

Peak into the question tool for designers about their skills and wishes. A designer only has to do this once.

team and responsibility

From top left: Tim, Nora, Yannik, Pin Yu, Yenny, Tobi, Katja & me

As a team, we designed a website that brings designers and NGOs together. My fellow student Katja Kremser and I developed the matching process. Nora Weber created the education part for NGOs. Yenny Cho developed the profil pages and chats. Tim Schüring developed a business concept on how to realise the project. And finally, Yenny Cho, Pin Yu Chiu, Tobias Lischka and Yannik Tu did the graphic, UI and UX design. Here I only present the areas in which I was involved.

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