when signs turn to sound

Conceptual work about how to substitut hearing loss, 2017-2018

Problem and mission

In the area of deafness, communication with hearing people is undoubtedly the biggest problem, since hardly anyone can read gestures. There are approaches that allow the deaf to communicate in their own language by using motion tracking. However, one is still very limited in case of free movement. Therefore the concept focus and goals are enabling communication between the deaf and hearing and an easy handling in everyday life.


The first concepts still have some problems, such as the necessary storage space, the subject of public filming and privacy, as well as attaching the camera to the listener. Therefore, now the deaf him*herself carries a 180 ° camera, which is directed upwards onto the user. So no outside help is needed.

Video prototype

Or click here for the German original video.

Product prototype

To test the concept, a prototype was created out of a tablet and a 180° surveillance camera. With the tablet I was able to imitate the software and translate gestures in the following user tests. The holder of the camera is constructed of a nylon thread and textile tape so that it can be adjusted depending on the size of the person. It was important that you can still move your arms freely and do not feel restricted.

One of five prototype tests, where a conversation between a deaf and hearing person was simulated

In a seperate room I translated the gestures, which was transmitted via a speaker on the camera.

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